Heart 2 Spirit

Deb Hennen, Professional Animal Communicator

  • Are you wondering what your pet is thinking or feeling?
  • Are you concerned with your pet's well being or End of Life transition?
  • Do you want a deeper connection with your pet?
  • Are you wanting to connect with a pet who has crossed over?
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Here's what others have to say

"Deb is on point with her animal communication. Not only did she get answers to my questions, she was also able to relay messages back to my cats. My rescue, Khaleesi, had been starved often prior to her rescue. Due to this, she eats quickly and steals from my other cat, Random. After Deb explained that she needed to control herself and that food would always be available to her, Khaleesi changed her habits immediately. A few days later, Khaleesi went back to devouring her meal but with a gentle reminder from me, she slowed down and kept her paws to herself! Since my readings, I’ve thought of more questions to ask and can’t wait until I see Deb again. Anyone who loves their pets should consider this amazing opportunity to further bond with them. Thank you Deb! "

— Farhana J (Khaleesi and Random)

"I highly recommend Deb with “Heart 2 Spirit” as an animal communicator. I am so grateful for Deb and her love for animals.  Deb is an inspiring person with a gentle way about her.   When I recently lost my dog Mojo, I was worried the new puppies missed him.  Mojo taught them how to guard the yard and watch over their area.  Deb talked with my new puppies and they told her they do miss him, but he comes back to the yard to visit and play with them. I have cute nicknames for the new puppies and when Deb asked me about their nicknames, I was surprised, I had not told her about their nicknames. I am pleased with my session."

— Nancy O (Jasper & Milton)

I highly recommend a session with Deb the Animal Communicator. I live in Richmond, Virginia, so our session was by phone. After sending her pictures of my three cats (Mac, Ms. Priss, and Lil' Bit) but before asking my questions, Deb checked with each one to make sure it was okay for her to talk with each of them. To my surprise, Lil' Bit was a "bit" skeptical before finally agreeing to talk. From there, I was fascinated to learn about the social framework that exists in my home (Ms. Priss as the classy lady, Mac as the keeper of order, and Lil' Bit as the guard of the house), as well as the reasons behind Lil' Bit's frequent meowing at all times. Deb gave some excellent recommendations to reassure Lil' Bit before going to work, at bedtime, and before traveling. I can already tell a difference in his demeanor when he is reassured. If you have pets (furry, scaly, or feathery) and want to find out more about them, contact Deb. You will not be disappointed.

— Jim B (Mac, Ms. Priss, Lil' Bit)

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